How To Install CyberSpades**

1) Click here to Download CyberSpades.

2) Downoload CyberInstall (1.32MB) to your DESKTOP. When the download box opens choose "Desktop" from the pull-down menu.

3) When it has download, either click Open on your download box or close it and Double-Click on the CyberInstall icon on your desktop to install the game.

4) Once installed, the mulitplayer online spade card game, CyberSpades2000, will be on your Start menu under Programs.

5) If you get a "missing dll error" please follow the directions below.*

*You must have the necessary runtime files on your computer for CyberSpades to work properly. If you get an error, neccesary file or dll missing, download and run Microsoft's runtime installer here.

* If you have any problems installing, logging in or running the game please Post here for a quick reply. Please include error messages and give details for exactly what you are having problems with. "It doesn't work" messages will not be answered.

** Requires Win'95 or better Operating System

CyberSpades Screen Shot Download CyberSpades
(Click to download)

Once Installed, you will be able prompted for a username and password of your choosing and will be able to log onto the CyberSpades multiplayer Spades community.


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