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Download CyberSpades and play online spades live over the Internet with other CyberSpades members. Our easy to use card game lobby makes it easy to chat with other players and to start up a friendly game of spades.

Our online spades and euchre games are 100% Free to download and play. To get started, simply enter the online spades download area, then download Cyberspades and start playing your favorite online card games today. We don't offer rated games, fancy graphics and flashing banners, but if you want to sit back and enjoy yourself and play some real spades with some real people, this is the place for you.

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How to play CyberSpades:

1. Download the CyberSpades online card game and run the install program.

2. Go to the Start menu on your computer, choose Programs and then select CyberSpades.

3. Once you start CyberSpades a log in screen like the one to your left will appear. Enter a username and password of your choosing and press log in. If you get a message that says "incorrect log in", simply choose another username.

Preview of online spades game board



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